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A Battle Is Under Way for the Forests of Borneo

Companies cheat the local residents out of land their families have looked after for many generations. The government turns a blind eye to the problems. Is it already too late? 

Source: NPR

The Indonesian forestry ministry takes land away from a U.N. rainforest preservation project supported by the country’s president and hands it to an oil palm plantation company. Business as usual?

A special report by David Fogarty, Asia Climate Change Correspondent; Olive Rondonuwu and Yayat Supriatna in Jakarta; and Harry Suhartono in Singapore. 

SOURCE Reuters 16 August 2011 



Barbie’s no longer glam. She’s now a mad rainforest destroyer! Mattel chose that career path for her. :-/

But you can do something to help stop their madness! Here are some:

•    Send a message to Mattel
•    Share the video ‘Barbie’s deforestation habit REVEALED!
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Know more about it here.

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