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This mother orangutan and her baby were saved by the animal charity Four Paws from people who are paid to kill them. There are allegations that many palm oil companies in the area of Borneo pay rewards of up to 1m Indonesian rupiah (about £70) for each ape killed. The Four Paws team found the pictured orangutans surrounded by a group of local youths intending to kill them for a bounty
>| Vier Pfoten / Four Paws

We read about these atrocities all the time in Indonesia. The owners of the palm oil plantation first cut down the orangutan habitats to grow their vile and disgusting palm oil trees, where there once was a beautiful rainforest. Then, when the homeless orangutan come looking for food or shelter (which is no longer there), local people murder them to get money that is paid by the owners of the palm oil plantation. The police and the government do little or nothing to stop this, most of the time.

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A Battle Is Under Way for the Forests of Borneo

Companies cheat the local residents out of land their families have looked after for many generations. The government turns a blind eye to the problems. Is it already too late? 

Source: NPR

Farce and Corruption Threatening Indonesia's Rainforest

3 JUNE 2011

Author Jack Hewson is a freelance journalist who has been based in East Asia for the past four years. He recently returned to the UK to obtain a Master’s Degree in investigative journalism at City University.


By CIFOR on Flickr, July 23, 2007. Reminds me of a longhouse where I stayed once, farther north, in Sarawak. 

Source: Flickr / cifor