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A second journalist has reported threats and intimidation in in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), a province in Indonesia.

Endang Sidin of Erende Pos daily newspaper said on Friday that she had received threats similar to those received by Dance Henukh, a reporter for Rote Ndao News whose house was stoned and burned down in a mob attack on Sunday. (Jakarta Globe 16 DEC 2011)

A third journalist, Ishak Doris, was also said to have received death threats for reporting on alleged corruption in the local area.

Dance, Endang and Ishak had written about corruption allegations in the construction of 100 houses for transmigrant workers in Kuli village.

They reported that local officials could have misappropriated some of the Rp 3.1 billion ($344,000) earmarked for the project. Local law enforcers have not acted on the allegation. (Jakarta Globe 16 DEC 2011)

I admire the bravery of journalists such as these who take risks to expose the officials who steal the public’s money and become fat and rich from illegal practices.

All too often in Indonesia, public funds are not used for the intended purpose, for the good of the people. Instead, people with power put the money into their own pockets. The police are part of the money chain — if they are paid, they will keep quiet.

This is the shame of Indonesia.


If you’re a journalist who tries to expose wrong-doing in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), a province in Indonesia, someone might come and burn down your house.

It happened to journalist Dance Henukh, who works for the Jakarta-based El Shinta radio station. According to the Jakarta Post, Dance was reporting about graft and corruption in the local area. He says police came to his house and “asked him not to go to the media with information that would incriminate the police.”

Then his house burned down, and a 1-month-old baby died.

The police say they will investigate, but they have named no suspects. What a surprise!

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