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A law in Indonesia (the 2008 Information and Electronic Transfers (ITE) law) restricts freedom of speech and press online:

While the ITE Law was originally designed to protect electronic business transactions, its vague definition of defamation allows it to be used against citizens who express opinions via electronic and social media. One of the six individuals prosecuted under the law in 2009 was housewife Prita Mulyasari, who was arrested in May and charged with circulating defamatory statements online about a private hospital in Banten province. Under Article 27, paragraph 3 of the law, she faced up to six years in prison and a penalty of 1 billion rupiah (US$98,000).

The largest journalists’ union, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), has tried to get Article 27, paragraph 3, revoked — but the courts have ruled against the union.


Indonesia: The Next Big Thing in Digital Media


Graphic created by students of Michael Netzley at Singapore Management University.