These are some topics that appear here often. The link will open up all the posts about that topic.

Millennium Development Goals (MDG): This is a list of eight goals for improving life for people in developing countries. When I make a post related to one of these eight goals, I tag it MDG. Here is a post that lists all eight goals.

Internet: These posts document unique situations or laws or some kinds of attempts to suppress freedom online. Particular attention is given to journalism and freedom of speech.

Indonesia: There are a lot of posts related to Indonesia because I will be living there for some months. I am trying to learn everything about it.

Journalism: There are a lot of posts about journalism because that is my field of study. Mostly these posts are about freedom of the press, journalists who do something brave or interesting, and efforts to empower journalism for the benefit of the public.

Education: Some posts focus on the challenges of schools and schooling in developing countries.

Photos: See all posts that include a photograph.

Videos: See all posts that include a video.